The #1 Device to Extend Your WiFi & Stop Paying More to Your Greedy Cable Provider
Boost your Wi-Fi signal by 2,000 feet
Extremely easy setup
Wall penetrating
Compatible with all Wi-Fi routers
Wall plug-in/USB design helps conserve space
N300 wireless speed
The #1 Way to Save Money On Your Internet Bill
Want to eliminate all internet dead zones in your house? When enjoying the internet, you deserve the strongest connection. Wifi Extendo was designed to ensure you are always connected, everywhere in your home. Say ‘Goodbye’ to buffering screens. Our sleek design will extend your network by plugging into your computer through USB or into an outlet. The Extendo is compatible with every router and can be setup under 5 minutes.
Wifi Extendo easily plugs directly into a USB or outlet
Use Wifi Extendo anywhere in your home or office
Eliminate all buffering screens
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Powerful Features of Wifi Extendo™
Wifi Extendo is portable and will operate with any Wi-Fi.
Whether extending the Wi-Fi in your home or office, expect a strong connection.
Your Extendo is able to connect to your existing network through a USB adapter or a standard outlet
Our N300 Mbps extender is ideal for streaming, gaming, & just exploring the internet.
Never buffer again with Wifi Extendo™
Five Stars!
Verified Customer
- Rose
My kitchen and living room used to have the worst wifi connection. Now I plug the extendo into my computer’s usb and can walk around the house while having perfect wifi. It even works in my backyard.

Five Stars!
Verified Customer
- Jennifer
This extender works. I have tried so many from other companies and this one connects the fastest and has the easiest setup. Finally i dont have extra fees from my cable company for going over my wifi usage.

Five Stars!
Verified Customer
- Lauren
I love this. Worked so well and came in 3 days. I just bought two more for more rooms in my house. Best purchase of 2019.